Traditional Flavors
Triple-rich Chocolate cupcake: chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse
and  chocolate Butter cream icing.
Vanilla cupcake: Our moist vanilla cake filled with decadent caramel
mousse and topped with our popular butter cream icing.
Red velvet cupcake: red velvet cake with our unique italian filling and rich
vanilla frosting.  
Lemon pie: lemon cake with lemon custard cream and meringue frosting.
Marble cupcake: delightful chocolate and vanilla cake topped with
chocolate and vanilla buttercream.
PRICES: $2.00 per cupcake

Novelty Flavors:
Banana Split: banana cupcake filled with strawberry mousse and
chocolate buttercream.
Tiramisu: delicious vanilla cake with coffee liqueur filled with mascarpone
cheese filling and sprinkle with cocoa.       
Pineapple upside down cupcake: indulge yourself with this mouth-
watering vanilla cake with pineapple and cherry on top.
Carrot Cupcake: delectable carrot cake with whipped cream frosting.
PRICES: $2.00 per cupcake
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