We present the new trends in desserts...!!!

For any special occasion, event or just as a
present for someone you like.

Each of them made with original European

  • Different desserts for different occasions, to delight everybody with the extraordinary touch of taste and
    flavor, that only Flowers and Ribbons can make.

Sunflower Cake
Widely regarded as one of America's best desserts. This
traditional cake has cream cheese, apples and raisins, good for all
Price: $ 20.00 ( 8 " )

Bread Pudding
This rich Bread Pudding, topped with an authentic chantilly frosting
enhanced with raisins and pecans, is specially designed to enjoy
with friends.
Price: $25.00 ( 8" x 11.5" )

Rose Gateau

This special cake will satisfy all your senses. Its silky texture melts
in your mouth, an experience to remember.
Price: $38.00 ( 8 " )

Authentic Italian flavor with delicious mascarporne cheese and subtle
coffee flavor between layers of lady fingers.
Price: $25.00 ( 10" x 7.5" )

Pineapple Cake: Looking for a fresh fruity taste? Try this
delicious light cake. Pineapple and whipped cream layers with a
touch of chocolate.
Price: $27.00 ( 8" )

Miss Daisy:  This luscious dessert is covered with rolled fondant.
Choose between a tantalizingly refreshing lemon cream or a
divinely indulgent caramel and nut fillings.
Price: $28.00 (8")

Black Forest: Try this traditional and well known dessert. The
blend of chocolate, cherries and cream is appreciated by the most
demanding taste.
Price: $29.00 (8")

Fruit Tarts: The aromatic essence of the best fruit and the best
chocolate united on top of  Chantilly cream create an unforgetable
Price: $0.99 (depends on fruit availability).

Cream Puffs (Profiteroles): Filled with chocolate, vanilla
and coffee,treat your guest to a extravagant, extra rich, with
chocolate coverture - It,s a elegant option.
Price: $ 0.99 e/u